Friday, April 28, 2006

In Toronto

Yep, I am in "hated" TO. :)
So far, the first day of the Toronto Comicon was pretty good, but the size is left to be desired.
I got a chance to get autographs from Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and etc.
It was pretty heavy having to carry books. Ugh.
I'm kind of tired. Phew.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Civil War....Countdown

Tick tock to Mr. Kevin is coming.

No Video Update - Comic Talk

No video update for this week.
Comics I got this week are Astonishing X-Men #14, Runaways #15 and Ultimate Fantastic Four #29.
Plus, the end of month hijinks like Wizard Magazine #176(full of fluff now), Previews Magazine for July releases and Marvel Preview for July.
Off to Toronto on Friday for the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy, Crazy Monday

Even though I ended my final exam and I want to not think about it. All in all, I had a good day after the exam, I was listening to CRHK( and the DJ got my question to ask Taiwanese singer, Lee-Hom Wang. I was happy that he answered.
Then at night, I was watching CBC News: The Hour, I sent a message to George Strumboloupolos about Marvel Comics and he responded right away. I was like, "Whoa!"
I'm just happy that I got things responded all on Monday. :)
(Update April 26): I thought that no one was probably watching The Hour back on Easter Monday. I'm surprised that George knows and is interested about comics. The rumor I wrote to him, George said it with enthusiam. That was mighty cool. I also know that George is 'rasslin fan. I am still a wrestling fan. George seems to be a fan of everything.

Spider-Man to possibly reveal his identity in 'Civil War' has not sunk in my mind yet. I don't think it's important to me, but it's a "wait & see" approach.
Last thing was knowing about superheroes and religion gave me a better perspective on the character, except for Superman. Several days later from The Hour broadcast, I had a discussion about Superman's religion. One person told me he's not, it's based on the writer's perspective.

Update April 26: Somehow, I am linked on The Hour's website, Thanks George and The Hour team.
Please have the video up soon.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Monday Exam...Last One

After Monday, done for the season. :)
Now, I can try out the video blog soon.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Something to Try

Here try this out. Click Here<-------
A video I made awhile ago. I was trying to test it out on this blog, but I had some problems not knowing how do it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Live@Carleton April 5 Final Edition for the Season

This is it! I am writing this entry for final time in the regular school year. Writing at the tunnels near the Carleton U Library.
I dunno if it's bittersweet, but I have one more year of Carleton to hopefully finish up.
The odd thing about today that it's still snowing. It's suppose to be Spring.
Comics this week, lots of it. Infinite Crisis #6, Planetary #25, and The Exterminators #4. Whoa man, lots of good reads.