Friday, March 31, 2006

Remembering Leslie Cheung - April 1, 2003

It's been 3 years since Leslie Cheung left fans throughout Hong Kong and all over the world. Everytime I listen to his song, I would feel sad because he is no longer around. I still remember that morning where I was woken up by my brother and I thought it was a joke, but I later realized it was true. Here's some images that I wanted to put up.
On Thursday, I was listening to CRHK( and their overnight program, the DJ played Leslie Cheung songs and interviews. He also read messages from people on the message board on the radio station's website. Somehow, he read my message and I was just happy.
Sites to look up are
Leslie Cheung Profile on


Diana said...

I am happy to know that you are a fan of Leslie too, and so do I.
I have some collections of his CDs. Eventhough I don't understand Kantonese/Mandarin, I keep on listening to it. Once, Jade Solid Gold was my favourite program. I can stand watching it without understand the whole thing yet, I enjoyed my moments. I miss him so much too..:(

Anonymous said...

Grateful to know u are one of Lesile's fans, he is the legend who would hook your heart out with his songs.
...I respect his choice...
It is his 50th years birthday this Sept.12, 2006.

Anonymous said...

why? gifted, talanted person-Leslie-did it?
who can explain it?
i love him..but still i can't believe in his dead...

Anonymous said...

An angel came down to earth
then suddenly drifted away again,
A beautiful precious sole
in the form of Leslie Cheung.
The years they pass us by
and the days may fade away,
Yet the treasured memories of you
shall forever in our hearts remain.